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Mosquito and Tick Control

Treatments applied once every 3 weeks offering you optimal
treatment against dangerous mosquitoes and ticks.


$Early Bird Special Save on 2022

SAVE $100 and pay only 539.92 plus tax. Lock in your 2021 rates for the 2022 season.

*Applies to all properties under one acre in size

Seasonal Mosquito Control - 8 treatments: $639.92 Minus the early bird, auto-renew discount: -$100.00

Last Treatment of the Season


Stay protected

Having friends over, or just tired of spraying down your kids with chemicals? We will treat your yard with our same protective Barrier Spray used in our Seasonal Package. You will be scheduled to receive service approximately every three weeks for the remainder of the season and individually invoiced after each treatment allowing you to remain bite free.

plus tax



(per treatment - once every 60 days)

This service provides added relief against ticks. We will treat the perimeter of your property using a granular version of our barrier spray. Treatments last up to 60 days.

plus tax



(per treatment)

Weddings, Parties, Sporting Events, Commercial or private, no job too big or small. We will visit the site 24-48 hours prior and apply our barrier spray, providing you with ultimate protection.

plus tax



(per treatment)

This completely green program is the perfect alternative to permethrin-based mosquito control products. While permethrin is considered to be a "safer" kind of insecticide, this will benefit those looking for a 100% Natural Solution. Treatments are provided once every 2 weeks

In2Care® Mosquito Control Trap

An alternate and environmentally friendly option for mosquito control using mosquito traps/buckets that attract female mosquitoes and prevent additional breeding. These traps can be used in addition to our standard offerings as an added layer of protection for more difficult properties and/or properties that are not able to utilize our standard sprays due to their proximity to the water. Subsequent to the initial set-up, the traps are effective within 3 weeks. We will provide maintenance on a monthly basis to replace the sachets in each trap along with one of our standard spray services. Please call us at 866-742-4887 for custom pricing.

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Mosquito and Tick Control

Last Bite Mosquito and Tick Control has highly trained and licensed technicians that will survey your yard and identify any high risk areas that could be used as mosquito breeding grounds. A fine mist of our Barrier Spray will be applied to the perimeter of your home. The treatment will include trees, shrubs, evergreens, flowers, foliage plants and all landscaping within the treatment area. Larvicide will then be placed to all mosquito breeding grounds at no additional charge. Our Barrier Spray treatment kills mosquitoes and ticks on contact and continues to provide protection for up to 3 weeks. All products we use are EPA approved.


Take back your yard today with Last Bite Mosquito and Tick Control! We offer several service options including seasonal packages, single treatments, and event treatments. Sign up for a worry free seasonal package and enjoy your yard all summer long without having to cover yourself with messy stinky chemicals and save big over our standard rates. We are so sure you will be enjoying your yard again, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied after your first treatment contact us within 21 days and we will re-apply our Barrier Spray at no cost. Over one acre please contact us for a free price quote.

You can pay online and we will call you within 24 hours to schedule your first treatment, or you can call us at 1-866-742-4887

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