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Ticks are not just a spring and summer problem, folks! In fact, some of the more dangerous tick species like the blacklegged (deer) tick are very active during this time of year, using the warmer-than-usual temperatures and ample leaf litter to hide out and plot their attack.
Right now, ticks across the country are gearing up for a blood meal, which is required for them to stay alive and keep their clock ticking before winter hits, as they can remain active at any time of year when the temperature is above freezing. Don’t let your property or body be a hunting ground along the way!
How To Avoid Tick Bites
• Wear closed-toe shoes and long-sleeved clothing
• Tuck your pants into your socks. You’ll look a bit ridiculous, but it works!
• Wear light coloured clothing to help you spot potential ticks easier
• Wash yourself as soon as you get home to get rid of any loose ticks
• Do a full body check on yourself, your kids, or your pets if you’ve come back from a tick prone area
How To Prepare Your Property
• Keep tall grasses mowed and keep vegetation trimmed
• Get rid of any leaf litter or weeds at the edge of your lawn
• Remove brush and leaves around stone walls or wood piles
• Move wood piles away from the house
• Start to rake when leaves eventually fall
• Keep your pets and kids out of the woods to avoid bringing ticks back to your home
• Move kids swings or sandboxes away from the woodland edge
• Wash clothes in hot water if you’ve just come back from a tick-ridden area
The best way to avoid tick bites and prepare your property is to use a professional tick control service like Last Bite Mosquito and Tick Control to eliminate the risk of ticks.