Hot Spots for Ticks on Your Pets

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Ever seen a tick on your dog or cat? Most likely, you’ve seen at least one tick crawling on you or your pet.

Where do you find ticks on your furbabies? Here are a few of the most common places to find ticks on your beloved animals!

Places Ticks like to Hide on your Pet

There are common places you can look for ticks on your pets! However,every once in a while you may find a tick in odd places.

It is important to look over your animals if they live outdoors or have been playing outside (in your yard, while hiking, etc.). Why is this? From personal experience, and witnessing this happen on animals that spend a lot of time outdoors, it is easy to miss a tick. Most people may not even notice a tick until it has become bloated with your pet’s blood. You know, the green, squishy looking ticks..

The earlier you detect or remove a tick, the better! Ticks carry many diseases that may harm not only you, but your pets!

Finding Ticks on your Dogs and Cats

It is always best to look through your pet’s fur to check for ticks. Of course, awareness of these pests is key to provide your pet with a successful removal and/or prevention. However, here are a few common areas that you may want to check first.
1. Their ears.
○ Check behind, under and on top of the ears.
2. Behind their front legs (armpits)
○ This area can become moist, a perfect place for a tick to nestle.
3. Groin area.
○ This may not be a place you think a tick will be, but double check this area.
Of course, do a thorough check on your dog or cat for ticks. They can be anywhere and these are only a few of the places they could be hiding on your pet! Visit the CDC website for more information or talk with your veterinarian.

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